Trump EPA Cuts are a Threat to Our Children

President Trump’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are a threat to the health of our children.

News articles indicate that Trump and his EPA administrator; notorious climate change denier Scott Pruitt, plan massive a massive rollback of regulations and enforcement that will greatly increase pollution. Some of these cuts will directly threaten the health of children and working families.

Inside Trump’s Plan to Gut the EPA

Some highlights of President Trump’s war on environmental justice include:

  • A $16.61 million rollback to two programs designed to protect children from lead-based paint, The Washington Post reported. This would eliminate more than 70 EPA employees. 


  • This would increase exposure to lead; a powerful toxin that can cause permanent damage to the brain and the nervous system. Children and the elderly are among those at risk for permanent brain damage from lead.


  • A $71 million cut in grants that pay cities to monitor tap water for lead, The New York Times reported. This program is designed to prevent crises like the one in Flint, Michigan.


  • A 60% cut in the budget for criminal and civil enforcement at the EPA, The New York Times reported. This would reduce prosecutions and lawsuits aimed at corporate polluters.


  • Elimination of regional cleanup programs this includes the Great Lakes Restoration effort which is designed to clean up Lake Michigan, The New York Times reported.


  • A $48.7 million cut to vehicle emissions testing and certification. This would make it easier for corporations like Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler to put polluting vehicles on the road making smog worse. It would also cut emission testing, like that which detected Volkswagen’s scheme to violate diesel emissions standards.


  • Defunding the EPA’s Radiation Protection Program; which operates the RadNet system that monitors fallout on America’s shorelines and radiation levels in milk and water, The New York Times reported. This is being proposed even as Trump sounds the warning about North Korea’s nuclear weapons.


  • Pruitt would like to make even deeper cuts; when he was Attorney General of Oklahoma the state’s environmental enforcement division was abolished, The Chicago Tribune reported. Pruitt also spent taxpayers’ money on 14 lawsuits that challenged federal clean air and water regulations.


  • Pruitt and Trump want to completely defund several dozen EPA programs; including the environmental justice office, The Chicago Tribune reported.


  • Mr. Pruitt has asked for one spending increase at the EPA. His budget requests 10 fulltime security guards to provide around the clock protection for his family, The New York Times reported.


  • When he was running for office in Oklahoma; Pruitt received hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies, The Chicago Tribune reported.


The only way to stop Trump and Pruitt’s war on environmental justice; and our children’s health, is to elect Democrats like Austin Songer to Congress. Songer believes that clean air and clean water are basic rights for all Americans. He also supports a national program to eradicate lead poisoning. This would include more money to clean up lead and expand the use of clean energy.

Trump’s war on the EPA proves that we need to elect people like Austin Songer to Congress. Our children’s health may depend upon it. 

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