It's time to move on Republicans


The Republican health care repeal bill was really bad for people and now Republicans are talking about making it even worse. Instead of working together to make a better health care system, they’re giving into the demands of the extreme-fringe.

At a time when Americans are concerned about health care being too expensive, the Republican repeal effort would raise premiums by 20 percent, even charging people over 50 five times more than younger people, increase out-of-pocket costs and deductibles, while leaving 24 million more people uninsured.



Caving to extreme parts of their party, Republican leaders made the bill even worse - letting insurance companies stop covering basic services such as prescription drugs, doctor visits or cancer treatment.



Now, Republicans are talking about allowing insurance companies to once again deny care to those with pre-existing conditions.



Medicaid cuts and changes to health insurance rules would have dramatically cut access to mental health and opioid use disorder treatment. 

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