Finance Director

Planning and monitoring

• Write fundraising plan.
• Set overall fundraising goals and weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets for each fundraising area.
• Work with the manager to coordinate and reconcile the fundraising plan with the campaign’s cash flow needs.

Appealing to donors

• Organize and staff candidate call time.
• Write and prepare copy for event invitations, direct mail appeals, and PAC solicitations.
• Plan fundraising events, including recruiting hosts and finance committee, printing and mailing invitations, soliciting and acknowledging donors.

Managing staff

• Hire and supervise staff, volunteers, and consultants (depending on the size of the fundraising operation).
• Recruit, establish guidelines for, and manage surrogates.
• Coordinate and enforce candidate’s fundraising schedule.

Complying with election law

• Supervise daily check collection, deposit, and financial report.
• Devise systems for tracking, thanking, upgrading, and reporting donors to state and federal authorities.
• Ensure that all campaign activities, including those candidate, surrogates, staff, consultants, and volunteers, are in full compliance with the law.
• Depending on the size of the campaign, prepare and file compliance reports (not recommended).



Projecting income by donor group and tool

  1. Identify targeted donor group and goal
  2. Calculate number of donors
  3. Calculate gross income per tool
  4. Review donor group totals

Projecting gross income

  1. Create overall summary sheet
  2. Project resolicitation income

Projecting cash flow

  1. Enter income projections 
  2. Break down goal projections by month and week
  3. Calculate total by circle
  4. Calculate total by quarter






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