Donald Trump Desires More Power

President Trump advocated that the judiciary doesn't have the authority to question him.

During a fox news interview Donald Trump advocated for consolidating his executive power. He used the word "archaic" four times during the interview. It may have been subtle, but his administration has showed his frustration with not having the power to do the things he wants.


“We don't have a lot of closers in politics, and I understand why: It's a very rough system. It's an archaic system.”

“You look at the rules of the Senate, even the rules of the House — but the rules of the Senate and some of the things you have to go through — it's really a bad thing for the country, in my opinion. They're archaic rules. And maybe at some point we're going to have to take those rules on, because, for the good of the nation, things are going to have to be different.”

“You can't go through a process like this. It's not fair. It forces you to make bad decisions. I mean, you're really forced into doing things that you would normally not do except for these archaic rules.”


Trump also talked shortly about how he does not like the filibuster.

“I think, you know, the filibuster concept is not a good concept to start off with,” he said.


Now this may not be him signaling that he wants more power, but just him suggesting that rules needs to be changed, and how he doesn't like the filibuster should concern us all.


Remember when one his advisor Stephen Miller said:

“the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned?”


It is quite clear that he is hungry for more power.

We need to remain vigilant.





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